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Workshop on Transforming Discoveries into Products: Maximizing NIH’s Levers to Catalyze Technology Transfer

NIH will host a virtual workshop on July 31, 2023, to discuss policies and practices that shape biomedical innovation and promote access to NIH-funded discoveries. Goals will include discussing how NIH, as a research institution, approaches the patenting and licensing of biomedical inventions.  There will also be discussion on the agency’s role in the broader biomedical research enterprise in promoting the application of knowledge to enhance human health.



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We invite members of the public to submit written comments on the topic of this workshop. For those wishing to make written comments, please submit those comments to by August 18, 2023, so that they may be considered prior to preparing the report of this workshop. The comments we receive may be posted to the OSP website without redaction. As such, please do not include any information in your comments that you do not wish to make public. Proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information should also not be included in your comments.

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Transforming Discoveries Into Products: Maximizing Levers to Catalyze technology Transfer

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