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OSP Mission

The NIH Office of Science Policy (OSP) works across the biomedical research enterprise to ensure NIH policy evolves in tandem with rapidly advancing science and technology. Utilizing our diverse backgrounds and collective expertise in science policy, OSP develops, analyzes, and implements forward thinking policies to promote the responsible conduct of research.  OSP also conducts horizon scanning and provides advice to the NIH Director and the United States Government on issues of future importance. To achieve these aims, we partner with our diverse stakeholder community that includes researchers, policymakers, ethicists, research participants, legal scholars, and importantly the American public.

Our Organization and the OSP Difference

The NIH Office of Science Policy sits within the Immediate Office of the NIH Director.  As such, we take an NIH-wide and, in some cases, government-wide approach to holistic policymaking.   To accomplish its mission our office is organized into an OSP Immediate Office of the Director along with five operating divisions. 

Our operating divisions include:

  • Clinical and Healthcare
  • Scientific Data Sharing
  • Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Emerging Biotechnologies
  • Technology Transfer and Innovation
  • Science Policy Coordination, Collaboration & Reporting

OSP plays a unique role at NIH.  Many of the policy issues we deal with require a cross-disciplinary approach to problem solving.  The OSP staff is made up of a diverse array of professionals with backgrounds in a wide variety of areas.  Many of our employees used to be bench scientists who have transitioned into the policy world.  This experience allows OSP to have a fuller understanding of the impact our policies have in the laboratory setting. 

OSP frequently plays a crucial role in trans-governmental policymaking as well.  We have long-established working relationships with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, our partner agencies within HHS, and many other major players in the policy arena.

OSP Senior Leadership Team

Learn more about the diverse backgrounds of the OSP Senior Leadership Team here.

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OSP Directory

OSP staff are available to assist in any questions you might have.  Please use the OSP Directory to find a staff member who can help you.

NIH Office of Science Policy

Address: 6705 Rockledge Drive, Suite 630,
Bethesda, MD 20892

Phone: (301) 496 – 9838

Fax: (301) 496 – 9839

Email: SciencePolicy@od.nih.gov