Scientific Integrity

Scientific integrity ensures that science is conducted, managed, communicated, and used in ways that preserve its accuracy and objectivity and protect it from suppression, manipulation, and inappropriate influence. NIH seeks to incorporate robust scientific integrity principles and practices throughout every level of its scientific enterprise. In fostering scientific integrity, NIH aims to ensure that scientific findings are objective, credible, and readily available to the public, and that the development and implementation of policies and programs is transparent, accountable, and evidence based.

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Scientific Integrity

On September 22, 2023, NIH released the Draft NIH Scientific Integrity Policy for public comment, and comments were accepted until November 9, 2023. The draft policy articulates the procedures and processes in place at NIH that help maintain rigorous scientific integrity practices. Additionally, the draft policy proposes several new functions to further enhance scientific integrity at NIH and throughout the biomedical research enterprise.

Draft NIH Scientific Integrity Policy

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