Seasons Greetings from OSP!

‘Twas the middle of Hanukkah, and across OSP,

We’re thinking deep thoughts on NIH policy.

Talented experts working on the agency’s behalf,

While their Director’s moonlighting as Acting Chief of Staff…

There’s clinical trials, a suite of to-dos,

Designed to work together, stewardship to improve.

If you’ve got a trial, use our new FOA,

Or try the protocol template developed with FDA!

Gain of function research, now where did time go?

That term’s so last year, now we’ve P3CO!

As sIRB, finally goes into effect.

Certificates of confidentiality, our participants protect.

We celebrated 40 years since forming the RAC,

Results from research, how to give them back?

As for data sharing, in the New Year you’ll find,

A request for feedback, to help us draw policy lines.

On CRISPR! On HeLa! On emerging tech!

To transforming research, built on participant respect!

On stem cells! On rigor! On validated LDTs!

To solving the opioid crisis and burden of disease!

From privacy to march-in, from chimeras to gene drives,

Science policy to support research, that extends all our lives…

So to scientists and policy wonks, we wish you good cheer!

Happy holidays to all, and a healthy New Year!