‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, in a very strange year,
OSP is so quiet, because there’s nobody here!
Teleworking from home, like the whole NIH,
But science policy has hardly slowed pace!
OSP staff are masterfully juggling,
Homeschool and glitches and cat laptop snuggling!
While COVID 19 has grabbed our attention,
OSP’s 2020 still had much to mention.
At long last, it’s final, the DMSP!
(Data sharing policy, to the cognoscenti…)
Please share your data and show us your plan!
It might affect if you get your next grant…
Doesn’t go into effect until 2023,
So, look for more guidance, tell us what you need.
Advisory Committees? Why, yes, there were three:
The NSABB, the NExTRAC, and the EAB.
sIRB exception for COVID is there,
COVID trial results, we hope that you’ll share!
Bioethics funding, we hope you’ll apply!
As a working group wrestles with using gene drives.
And when we look to the horizon, what should appear?
A glimpse at what continues into the next year
On CRISPR! On DURC! On biosafety!
On clinical trials diversity!
On digital health! On genomic data!
On privacy protections, based on risk or pro rata!
From primate research conducted with rigor,
De-identity challenges growing bigger and bigger,
Despite the pandemic, we see science advance,
And so, too, goes policy! (On Zoom! In sweat pants!)
As we come to the end of the year 2020,
From across OSP, there are wishes a-plenty,
To policy wonks, friends, and family,
To stakeholders and critics and the whole USG,
Stay healthy! Stay well! Wear a mask! Hang in tight!
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!