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Fogarty International Center

  • Developing an International Master’s of Research Ethics Program in Malaysia
    • Grant Number: 5 R25TW010891-03
    • Principal Investigator: Jeremy Sugarman
    • Grant Number: 5 R25TW010507-03
    • Principal Investigator: Gertrude Kiwanuka
  • Injury Prevention Research Training in Egypt and the Middle East
    • Grant Number: 5 D43TW007296-14
    • Principal Investigator: Jon Mark Hirshon

National Cancer Institute

  • Enriching Communication Skills for Health Professionals in Oncofertility (ECHO)
    • Grant Number: 5 R25CA142519-10
    • Principal Investigator: Susan Vadaparampil

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

  • Innovative Contact Tracing Strategies for Detecting TB in Mobile Rural and Urban South African Populations
    • Grant Number: 3 R01AI147681-01
    • Principal Investigator: David Dowdy
  • Addressing HIV drug resistance research gaps in a cohort of perinatally infected Kenyan children and adolescents
    • Grant Number: 3 R01AI147333-01
    • Principal Investigator: Rami Kantor

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

  • Protecting Privacy and Facilitating Shared Access of Clinical and Genetic Data of Special Populations
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HL136835-02
    • Principal Investigator: Lucilia Ohno-Machado
  • Colorado PETAL Clinical Center
    • Grant Number: 3 U01HL123010-06
    • Principal Investigator: Marc Moss
  • Variations in Use of Heart Replacement Therapies Among Patients with Advanced Heart Failure
    • Grant Number: 3 K23-HL145122-02
    • Principal Investigator: Prateeti Khazanie
  • Determinants of Implementation Success Coordinating Ventilator, Early Ambulation and Rehabilitation Efforts in the ICU (DISCOVER-ICU) study
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HL146781-01
    • Principal Investigator: Michele Balas

National Institute of Mental Health

  • A Trial of a Police-Mental Health Linkage System for Jail Diversion and Reconnection to Care
    • Grant Number: 5 R01MH117191-02
    • Principal Investigator: Matthew Compton
  • Diversity supplement to BCI Agency RF1
    • Grant Number: 3 RF1MH117800-01S1
    • Principal Investigator: Sara Goering

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

  • RECONFIG – REcovery of CONsciousness Following Intracerebral hemorrhaGe
    • Grant Number: 3 R01NS106014-01
    • Principal Investigator: Jan Claassen
  • Meaningful Outcomes and Multi-Site Readiness for Clinical Trials in Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
    • Grant Number: 3 U01NS101946-02
    • Principal Investigator: Erika Augustine

 National Center for Advancing Translational Science

  • The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV): Using Data to Improve Health
    • Grant Number: 5 UL1TR003015-02
    • Principal Investigator: Karen Johnston
  • Accelerate cellular immunotherapy development for treatment of life-threatening childhood disorders
    • Grant Number: 5 U01TR002487-02
    • Principal Investigator: Julie Park
  • Institutional Clinical and Translational Science Award
    • Grant Number: 5 UL1TR001878-04
    • Principal Investigator: Garret Fitzgerald
  • Washington University Institute of Clinical Translational Sciences
    • Grant Number: 5 UL1TR002345-04
    • Principal Investigator: William Powderly

National Institute on Aging

  • Kidney transplantation in older, frail and cognitively impaired adults with ESRD: Balancing utility vs. justice
    • Grant Number: 3 R01AG055781-02
    • Principal Investigator: Mara McAdams DeMarco
  • Understanding and Respecting End-of-Life Treatment Preferences Among Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
    • Grant Number: 5 R01AG059205-02
    • Principal Investigator: Lauren Hersh Nicholas
  • Advance care planning for persons with ADRD: perspectives of family caregivers and trained nursing home staff
    • Grant Number: 3 R33AG057463-03
    • Principal Investigator: Susan E. Hickman
  • Treating mild cognitive impairment with transcranial direct current stimulation
    • Grant Number: 3 R01AG058724-02
    • Principal Investigator: Benjamin Hampstead

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

  • Decision-Making for Patients Born with Differences of Sex Development (DSD)
    • Grant Number: 5 R01HD086583-04
    • Principal Investigator: David Sandberg

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

  • The Genetic Architecture of Human Facial Morphology
    • Grant Number: 3 R01DE027023-04
    • Principal Investigator: Seth M Weinberg
  • Bioethics of syndrome diagnosis using 3D image analysis
    • Grant Number: 3 U01DE028729-01
    • Principal Investigator: Carl Kesselman

National Institute of Nursing Research

  • Effectiveness of concurrent care to improve pediatric and family outcomes at end of life
    • Grant Number: 5 R01NR017848-02
    • Principal Investigator: Lisa Lindley
  • mHealth for Heart Failure Symptom Monitoring
    • Grant Number: 5 R00NR016275-04
    • Principal Investigator: Ruth Masterson Creber

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

  • Critical Care Informatics: Ethical considerations around the use and sharing of health-related data
    • Grant Number: 3 R01EB017205-05
    • Principal Investigator: Leo Celi

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

  • The Columbia PCC for CureGN: the Cure Glomerulonephropathy network
    • Grant Number: 2 U01DK100876-07
    • Principal Investigator: Ali Gharavi
  • Role of Genetic Susceptibility in the Central American Kidney Disease Epidemic
    • Grant Number: 5 R01DK116021-02
    • Principal Investigator: Daniel Brooks

Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO)/National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

  • Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes in the Northern Plains Safe Passage Study Cohort
    • Grant Number: 5 UH3OD023279-05
    • Principal Investigator: Avera McKennan

National Human Genome Research Institute

  • Understanding All of Us Enrollees’ and Decliners’ Motivations to Enhance Recruitment and Retention
    • Grant Number: 1 R21HG010531-01
    • Principal Investigator: Carolyn Neuhaus
  • BECKON – Block Estimate Chain: creating Knowledge ON demand & protecting privacy
    • Grant Number: 4 R00HG009680-03
    • Principal Investigator: Tsung-Ting Kuo

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

  • Treatments Against RA and Effect on FDG PET CT: The TARGET Trial
    • Grant Number: 3 U01AR068043-04
    • Principal Investigator: Daniel Hal Solomon