FY2023 Administrative Supplements for Research and Capacity Building Efforts Related to Bioethical Issues

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Funding announcement


  • Knowledge, Attitude and Recommendations of the community, researchers, and bioethicists on creation of iPSC lines from YRI HapMap samples
    • Grant Number: 3 R25TW011811-02
    • Principal Investigator: Adebamowo, Clement


  • Clinical and Translational Science Award
    • Grant Number: 3 UL1TR001873-07
    • Principal Investigator: Reilly, Muredach
  • The University of Rochester CTSA Hub-Capacity Building in Bioethics for Scientists across the Translational Spectrum
    • Grant Number: 3 UL1TR002001-07
    • Principal Investigator: Zand, Martin


  • Exploring the Attitudes, Barriers, Concerns, Differences, and Ethics (ABCDEs) of Healthcare Decision Making in Prospective Peripheral Indications for Vagus Nerve Stimulation Patients
    • Grant Number: 3 U54AT012307-01
    • Principal Investigator: Osborn, John
  • Ethical Considerations in Animal Study Translation
    • Grant Number: 3 R01AT011905-02
    • Principal Investigator: Marasco, Paul


  •  EHR-based Genomic Discovery and Implementation (Bioethics Supplement)
    • Grant Number: 3 U01HG006379-11
    • Principal Investigator: Kullo, Iftikhar


  • Factors Important to Clinician Decision-Making in the Initiation and Discontinuation of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HL153519-03
    • Principal Investigator: Barbaro, Ryan


  • The Impact of Social Rejection: Investigating Pain-related Stigma in Adolescents with Chronic Widespread Musculoskeletal Pain
    • Grant Number: 3 K23AR073934-04
    • Principal Investigator: Wakefield, Emily


  • Investigating Stakeholder Perspectives to Inform Ethical Use of Organoids in Pediatric Rare Disease Research
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HD110447-01
    • Principal Investigator: Younger, Scott
  • Deliberative bioethics regarding the Medicaid sterilization waiting period
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HD098127-05
    • Principal Investigator: Arora, Kavita


  • Bioethics of Archival Human Temporal Bone Collections
    • Grant Number: 3 U24DC020850-01
    • Principal Investigator: Lauer, Amanda


  • Enhancing Participant Engagement through the Journey of Orofacial Clefts Caregivers
    • Grant Number: 3 R01DE028300-03
    • Principal Investigator: Butali, Azeez
  • Craniofacial microsomia: Accelerating Research and Education (CARE)
    • Grant Number: 3 R01DE029510-03
    • Principal Investigator: Heike, Carrie


  • The Chorotega CKDu Epidemiology Field Study – Admin Suppl
    • Grant Number: 3 U01DK130044-02
    • Principal Investigator: Franceschini, Nora


  • Caring for BRAIN pioneers: Understanding and enhancing family and researcher support in neural device trials
    • Grant Number: 3 R01MH130457-01
    • Principal Investigator: Goering, Sara


  • Finding the Ethical Path Forward: A Bioethical and Stakeholder-driven Investigation on the Sharing of Palliative-related Survey Results with Patients, Caregivers and Community Clinicians
    • Grant Number: 3 R01NR016037-07
    • Principal Investigator: Kluger, Benzi


  • Harnessing Network Science to Personalize Scalable Interventions for Adolescent Depression
    • Grant Number: 3 DP5OD028123-04
    • Principal Investigator: Schleider, Jessica