FY2022 Administrative Supplements for Research and Capacity Building Efforts Related to Bioethical Issues

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Funding announcement


  • Not whether but how: The ethics of reporting individual results in a pregnancy cohort
    • Grant Number: 3 UH3OD023290-06
    • Principal Investigator: Herbstman, Julie


  • Development of a digital intervention to address stigma among pregnant unmarried adolescents living with HIV
    • Grant Number: 3 R21TW011788-01A1
    • Principal Investigator: Luseno, Winfred
  • Caribbean Research Ethics Education Initiative (CREEi)
    • Grant Number: 3 R25TW009731-10
    • Principal Investigator: Macpherson, Cheryl


  • Assessing Patient and Community Engagement in Data Governance
    • Grant Number: 3 UL1TR001872-06
    • Principal Investigator: Collard, Harold
  • Achieving Ethically Appropriate and Effective Local Context Review by Single IRBs
    • Grant Number: 3 UL1TR003098-03
    • Principal Investigator: Ford, Daniel


  • Leveraging an electronic medical record infrastructure to identify primary care patients eligible for genetic testing for hereditary cancer and evaluate novel cancer genetics service delivery models
    • Grant Number: 3 U01CA232826-04
    • Principal Investigator: Kaphingst, Kimberly
  • The Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Bioethics Research Initiative
    • Grant Number: 3 P30CA006516-57
    • Principal Investigator: Glimcher, Laurie
  • Stakeholder Perspectives on Family Caregiver Involvement in Oncology Clinical Trial Decision-Making
    • Grant Number: 3 R37CA240707-03
    • Principal Investigator: Mazanec, Susan
  • Genetic Risk Analysis in Ovarian Cancer (GRACE) Administrative Supplement
    • Grant Number: 3 U01CA244323-03
    • Principal Investigator: Hunter, Jessica


  • IGG on the Internet: Characterizing Public Perspectives on Law Enforcement Use of Genetic Genealogy Data in Social Media
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HG011268-02
    • Principal Investigator: Guerrini, Christi


  • PedGeneRx – Admin Supplement to Base Editing and Prime Editing for Sickle Cell Disease R01
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HL156647-02
    • Principal Investigator: Weiss, Mitchell
  • Adverse events reporting in Implementation science clinical trials
    • Grant Number: 3 UG3HL154499-02
    • Principal Investigator: Mosepele, Mosepele


  • Meaningful Engagement and Quality of Life among Assisted Living Residents with Dementia
    • Grant Number: 3 R01AG062310-04
    • Principal Investigator: Kemp, Candace
  • Messaging Strategies to Reduce Breast Cancer Over-Screening in Older Women
    • Grant Number: 3 R01AG0669-01A1
    • Principal Investigator: Schoenborn, Nancy


  • UNC Food Allergy Initiative Bioethics Supplement
    • Grant Number: 3 UM1AI130936-06
    • Principal Investigator: Kim, Edwin


  • Unmet Needs: Achieving Equity and Support for Parents Pursuing Prenatal Diagnosis in the Genomic Era
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HD105868-01
    • Principal Investigator: Vora, Neeta
  • Disorders/Differences of Sex Development (DSD) – Translational Research Network
    • Grant Number: 3 R01HD093450-04
    • Principal Investigator: Sandberg, David


  • Ethical considerations implementing wearable sensors to record communication interactions by people with aphasia in the home and community
    • Grant Number: 3 R01DC016979-03
    • Principal Investigator: Cherney, Leora


  • Mental Health of Mothers of Children with CL/P and Incidental Findings from Whole Genome Sequencing
    • Grant Number: 3 R01DE028300-03
    • Principal Investigator: Butali, Azeez


  • Bioethical Protections Against Bias in Analytical Algorithms for Preventing Agitation
    • Grant Number: 3 K23MH126366-01A1
    • Principal Investigator: Wong, Ambrose
  • Using Search Engine Data for Detection and Early Intervention in Suicide Prevention
    • Grant Number: 3 R01MH123484-01A1
    • Principal Investigator: Comtois, Katherine
  • Bioethical Considerations for Building, Evaluating, and Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders
    • Grant Number: 3 R41MH124581-01A1
    • Principal Investigator: Pathak, Jyotishman


  • Ethical Implementation of Social Epigenomics Research on Asthma in a Health Disparity Population
    • Grant Number: 3 R01MD015409-02
    • Principal Investigator: Grundberg, Elin


  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Repetitive Head Impacts: Contributions to AD/ADRD and CTE Neuropathology and Resulting Clinical Syndromes
    • Grant Number: 3 U54NS115266-03
    • Principal Investigator: McKee, Ann