FY2019 Administrative Supplements for Research on Bioethical Issues

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Fogarty International Center

  • Views of Key Stakeholders in the Middle East towards the collection, storage, and use of Biological Samples for Biobanks and Genomic Research
    • Grant Number: 3-R25-TW007090-13
    • Principal Investigator: Henry Silverman
  • Ethical considerations related to E-cigarette use for pregnancy smoking cessation (in Romania)
    • Grant Number: 3-R21-TW010896-02
    • Principal Investigator: Christian Meghea
  • Health Professionals Education Partnership Initiative Ethiopia
    • Grant Number: R25-TW011214-02W1
    • Principal Investigator: Miliard Derbew

National Center for Advancing Translational Science

  • The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center
    • Grant Number: 5UL1TR002541-02
    • Principal Investigator: Lee M. Nadler
  • Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute
    • Grant Number: UL1TR002014-04
    • Principal Investigator: Lawerence I. Sinoway
  • North Carolina Translational and Clinical Science Institute (NC TraCS)
    • Grant Number: 5UL1TR002489-02
    • Principal Investigator: John Bernard Buse

National Cancer Institute

  • Implementing Universal Lynch Syndrome Screening across Multiple Healthcare Systems: Identifying Strategies to Facilitate and Maintain Programs in Different Organizational Contexts
    • Grant Number: 5R01CA211723-02
    • Principal Investigator: Alanna Rahm
  • Discovery Biology and Risk of Inherited Variants in Glioma
    • Grant Number: 5R01CA217105-02
    • Principal Investigator: Melissa Bondy
  • Physicians’ Perceptions, Attitudes, and Communication of E-Cigarettes (PACE)
    • Grant Number: 5R01CA190444-04
    • Principal Investigator: Cristine D. Delnovo

National Human Genome Research Institute

  • Ethical oversight of genomic citizen science
    • Grant Number: 3 K01HG009355-03
    • Principal Investigator: Christi Guerrini
  • Ethical and social issues in informed consent processes in African genomic research
    • Grant Number: 3 U01HG009810-03W1
    • Principal Investigator: Erisa Sabakaki
  • Genomic sequencing to aid diagnosis in pediatric and prenatal practice: Examining clinical utility, ethical implications, payer coverage, and data integration in a diverse population
    • Grant Number: 3 U01HG009599-03W1
    • Principal Investigator: Pui Kwok

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

  • RE-aiming at Hydroxyurea Adherence for Sickle cell with mHealth (RE-HASH)
    • Grant Number: 3U01HL133996-03
    • Principal Investigator: Jane Silva Hankins
  • Obesity Health Disparities Research PRIDE Program (OHD PRIDE)
    • Grant Number: 2R25HL126145-05
    • Principal Investigator: Bettina M. Beech
  • Perspectives of Diverse Patient Populations on AI and Big Data
    • Grant Number: 3R25HL126140-05
    • Principal Investigator: Joe G. N. Garcia

National Institute on Aging

  • Indiana Palliative Excellence in Alzheimer Care Efforts-RCT
    • Grant Number: 3-R01-AG057733-02
    • Principal Investigator: Greg A. Sachs
  • Ethical Aspects of Physician Decision Making for Deprescribing
    • Grant Number: 3-R33-AG057289-03
    • Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Bayless
  • Effects of Informal Care for persons with Alzheimers Disease and related dementias
    • Grant Number: 3-R01-AG057501-02
    • Principal Investigator: Norma B. Coe
  • Healthy Together: A self-management and support intervention for low-income African American men with multiple chronic conditions
    • Grant Number: 3-R15-AG059210-01
    • Principal Investigator: Evelina Sterling

 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

  • Bioethical Issues in the use of Mobile Phone Data for Public Health Research in Uganda
    • Grant Number: 2R01-AI093856-06A1
    • Principal Investigator: Christopher Whalen
  • Ethical aspects of clinical xenotransplantation: a national survey of African Americans
    • Grant Number: 5U19-AI090959-10
    • Principal Investigator: David Cooper

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease

  • Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Grant Number: 5-R01-AR-050026-13
    • Principal Investigator: Joan Marie Bathon

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

  • Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units Network — The Northwestern Study Center
    • Grant Number: 5 UG1HD040512-20
    • Principal Investigator: William Grobman
  • Data-informed Stepped Care (DiSC) to Improve Adolescent HIV Outcomes
    • Grant Number: 1 UG3HD096906-01
    • Principal Investigator: Pamela Kohler
  • Structural and Social Transitions Among Adolescents in Rakai (SSTAR)
    • Grant Number: 5 R01HD091003-02
    • Principal Investigator: John Santelli

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

  • Clinical Interactions of a Brain-Computer Interface for Communication
    • Grant Number: 5R01DC009834-10
    • Principal Investigator: Melanie Fried-Oken

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

  • Mechanisms and Correction of Abnormal Bicarbonate Secretion by DRA in Diarrhea / Stakeholder Attitudes Towards Organoid Research Investigation (SATORI)
    • Grant Number: R01DK116352-01
    • Principal Investigator: Mark Donowitz

National Institute on Drug Abuse

  • Predictive modeling: the role of opioid use in suicide risk
    • Grant Number: 1R01DA047724-01
    • Principal Investigator: BobbiJo Yarborough

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

  • Achieving Injury-related Health Equity in the National Trauma Healthcare System
    • Grant Number: 3R21MD-13486-01
    • Principal Investigator: Megan Moore

National Institute of Nursing Research

  • Engaging patients, family members and caregivers in end-of-life and palliative care (EOLPC) research: Addressing the bioethical challenges
    • Grant Number: 3U2CNR014637-06
    • Principal Investigator: Jean S. Kutner
    • Other Active Awards Funded by the Office of Science Policy

National Human Genome Research Institute

  • Genetic Privacy and Identity in Sexual and Gender Minorities: GetPrISM
    • Grant Number: 1R21HG010652-01
    • Principal Investigator: Ellen W. Clayton

BRAIN Initiative

  • Cognitive Restoration: Neuroethics and Disability Rights
    • Grant Number: 1RF1MH121378-01
    • Principal Investigator: Joseph J. Fins

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

  • Identifying and exploring solutions to the ethical challenges of ApoL1 testing of donors with recent African ancestry through mixed methods research with stakeholders
    • Grant Number: 1R01MD014161-01
    • Principal Investigator: James M. Dubois

National Cancer Institute

  • Addressing ELSI Issues in Unregulated Health Research Using Mobile Devices
    • Grant Number: R01CA207538-03
    • Principal Investigator: Mark A. Rothstein

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

  • The Center for Innovation in Intensive Longitudinal Studies (CIILS)
    • Grant Number: 1U24AA027684-02
    • Principal Investigator: Sy-Miin Chow