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July 20, 1-4 ET: NIH Symposium on Integrating Bioethics and Biomedical Research

Consideration of ethical aspects of research in tandem with the research process itself offers many benefits, not only for society but for the research itself. On July 20, 2021 from 1:00-4:00 PM ET, NIH will be convening a symposium entitled “A Match Made in Science: Integrating Bioethics and Biomedical Research” to highlight the integral role that bioethics plays in advancing science and to discuss strategies for fostering collaboration between bioethicists and biomedical researchers. Participants will discuss concrete examples of how integrating bioethics into biomedical research has strengthened research outcomes and share practical advice for initiating and sustaining successful collaborations.

Check out the agenda for more details, and you can join the videocast here!

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