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NIH Releases Public Access Plan for Public Feedback

NIH has long championed principles of transparency and accessibility in NIH-funded research. As such, NIH supports the August 2022 OSTP Memorandum directing federal agencies to expedite access to results of federally funded research. The NIH Plan to Enhance Public Access to the Results of NIH-Supported Research (NIH’s Public Access Plan) provides a roadmap for how NIH will enhance access to research products, namely scholarly publications and scientific data, and will ensure these research products are useful and accessible to the public. 

NIH’s Public Access Plan is now available for public comment. Comments will be accepted until April 24, 2023 and can be submitted through the comment portal found here

For a perspective on how NIH is approaching public access, please see a blog from the leadership of OSP, NLM, OER, OIR, and ODSS on the steps NIH is taking to ensure we maximize access to taxpayer-funded researcher.   Questions may be sent to  Also, please consider following us on Twitter @NIH_OSP

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