Extreme Website Makeover: The OSP Edition!

Yesterday afternoon, OSP launched its brand new website!  We are confident that visitors will find the new site both visually appealing and simple to navigate.  The new site, while providing essential information about OSP divisions and programs, also contains more information about the people who make OSP tick.  Looking for someone who can answer a question about technology transfer or biosafety requirements?  Then head to our searchable employee directory.  Curious about what contributions OSP employees have made to the scientific literature?  Well our new site has the latest publications (fully hyperlinked as well) from our team of experts.  I encourage you to take a look around the new site and drop us a line with your thoughts.  The site can be accessed at: https://osp.od.nih.gov/.

The new website is just one of the many ways OSP is continuously trying to reach out to our stakeholders.  While you are obviously familiar with the Under the Poliscope blog, OSP has additional resources to keep stakeholders informed.  The best way to get direct information is to sign up for our OSP news service.  This news service allows stakeholders to receive timely updates on policy areas including biosafety and biosecurity, clinical research, genomic data sharing, technology transfer, innovation policy, scientific reporting, and much more.  It also provides subscribers with information on upcoming OSP and trans-governmental meetings and workshops related to important science policy topics.  To subscribe, please click here and then choose the “subscribe” option. Finally, don’t forget to follow me on twitter (@CWolinetzNIH) to read my latest thoughts on the world of science policy.

These are exciting times for science policy and we are glad you are along for the ride.  Please feel free to reach out to us anytime by emailing SciencePolicy@od.nih.gov or by contacting a member of the staff.  We hope you enjoy the new website!

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