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Fostering Rigorous Research: Lessons Learned from Non-human Primate Models and Charting the Path Forward


Rigorous and translatable research is the cornerstone of the biomedical research enterprise and a necessity for improving the health of the Nation. Over the past few years, NIH has focused considerable attention on bolstering activities and policies to enhance the rigor and reproducibility of the science it funds. While these efforts are focusing on the entirety of biomedical research, non-human primate (NHP) research models present some unique opportunities and challenges. Therefore, NIH is engaging experts working with NHP models, alongside experts in a diverse array of other intersecting disciplines, to share strategies for ensuring the continued responsible conduct of research using NHP models moving forward in an effort to maximize scientific rigor and value. The first day of the workshop largely will focus on lessons learned and remaining challenges for the design of rigorous, reproducible, and generalizable research experiments, and the second day will focus on being proactive as we look towards the future regarding a variety of potential challenges on the horizon. More details here.

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