NIH GDS Policy Oversight

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The NIH Genomic Data Submission and Management (GDSM) Taskforce reports to the GDS Working Group and provides a forum to share experiences and develop common approaches across NIH ICs to ensure that implementation and oversight of the GDS Policy is consistent, transparent, and efficient. Meetings of the Genomic Data Submission and Management (GDSM) Taskforce are held once every other month, or as needed. Staff support for the GDSM Taskforce is provided through the NIH Office of the Director. The GDSM Taskforce Co-Chairs provide updates to the GDS Working Group on any decisions and action items or as needed for urgent matters. Taskforce members are their IC’s primary liaisons to GDS-related activities and are charged with implementing and coordinating the genomic data submission and access processes and other GDS Policy-related activities at their ICs.

Oversight of the Submission and Access Processes:

  • NIH IC Genomic Program Administrators (GPAs) are senior Federal employees of the NIH who serve as staff leads for the implementation of the GDS Policy within their ICs and also facilitate the study registration and data submission processes for human NIH-designated controlled-access data repositories.
  • NIH IC Data Access Committee (DAC) Chairs are senior Federal employees of the NIH with appropriate scientific, bioethics, or human subjects research expertise who review and approve, or disapprove, requests from extramural and intramural researchers for proposed secondary research use of controlled-access datasets under the NIH GDS Policy and program specific requirements or procedures (if any).