NIH Coordination and Management

NIH's Contract with the National Academies

NIH has a standing contract with the National Academies, which allows NIH Institutes, Centers, or Offices to fund studies that are in support of the NIH mission. The Office of Science Policy manages this contract, and serves as the liaison between the Academies and NIH.

The contract is not a source of funds. Rather, it is an agreement that NIH will fund future activities of the National Academies when needed. The contract allows NIH to issue "task orders," which can be added to the existing contract without creating a new contract for each task. This enables NIH and the Academies to move more swiftly to address pressing policy concerns, emerging public health issues, and scientific opportunities.


National Academies’ reports and workshop summaries funded by the NIH can be accessed on the National Library of Medicine’s Bookshelf.

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