NIH Coordination and Management

NIH Scientific Management Review Board

As one of the main advisory boards to the NIH Director, the NIH Scientific Management Review Board (SMRB) was established by the U.S. Congress through the NIH Reform Act of 2006 to provide expert advice on matters regarding organization and management of biomedical research.  The SMRB issues reports to Congress detailing the Board’s recommendations to the appropriate officials (both at NIH and the Department of Health and Human Services) on whether and to what extent their organizational authorities should be used. The SMRB has advised NIH on several major topics thus far, issuing the following reports:

Additional information about SMRB reports and meetings can be found at

The SMRB Executive Secretary is Dr. Marina Volkov, the Director for Office of Science Management and Reporting at NIH.  Dr. Volkov and OSP staff provide support to the Board (e.g., meeting arrangements, report development).

For more information, please contact SMRB staff at or contact Sarah Rhodes at .