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AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship Program

NIH partners with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to provide one- to two-year Science and Technology Policy Fellowships throughout the NIH’s 27 Institutes, Centers, and the Office of the Director. The program is designed to foster relationships between federal decision-makers and scientific and engineering professionals in the public policy arena, and to communicate policy and biomedical and behavioral research issues to a wide audience for the well-being of the Nation.

Each year the NIH sponsors 20-30 fellows whose placement is contingent on the emerging needs, compatibility, goals, and available resources of the sponsoring offices. Throughout the Fellowship, Fellows are exposed to an array of policy, technology, and communication issues and programs that may be disease specific or span multiple areas of research.  Past areas of involvement have included cancer genomics, domestic and global HIV/AIDS, nanotechnology, health disparities, technology transfer, legislative affairs, health literacy, scientific peer reviews, advisory boards, and strategic planning.

The Office of Science Policy (OSP) manages the placement opportunities of applicants to the Health, Education, & Human Services (HEHS)/NIH component of the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship Program.  Fellows in the AAAS program at the NIH are classified as temporary federal employees for the duration of their fellowship (24 months maximum) and are eligible for most federal benefits at the start of their fellowship.  While AAAS Fellows at the NIH are not automatically converted to permanent employment at the end of their fellowship, they are encouraged to apply for qualifying federal positions.  Anyone applying to the AAAS Fellowship Program at NIH must meet all federal requirements for employment, including being a U.S. Citizen, and registering for the Selective Service at the appropriate time required under the law.

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